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Vampire survival game V Rising sells a million and adds offl

Audio player loading Vampire survival game V Rising (opens in new tab) has been causing buzz since launch, and now developer Stunlock Studios has announced that the early access fang-em-up has sold a million copies. The figure was revealed...


'Fixed' Chrome extension flaw could allow hackers to record

Audio player loading Ever get that feeling you're being watched? If you've currently got the Screencastify Chrome extension active, you could be. A flaw the company claimed was 'fixed' may still allow malicious actors to access unsuspecting...


Don't worry, AMD is still supporting overclocking across all

Audio player loading AMD has confirmed that its most affordable B650 motherboard chipset will support overclocking of its Zen 4 processors. There were doubts about the chipset's overclocking capabilities after it officially announced the X6...


New No Man's Sky expedition adds a time loop, 'space whales'

Audio player loading There's something big coming to No Man's Sky. Quite big. Space whales? Yes, space whales. A new No Man's Sky expedition has added an alien leviathan colloquially referred to as a space whale, which some eagle-eyed playe...


Dune: Spice Wars roadmap teases multiplayer, a mystery facti

Audio player loading Dune: Spice Wars seems to have had an enviable early access launch, with no disasters and a largely positive response from playersat least the ones who can be bothered to leave Steam reviews (opens in new tab) . Funcom'...


The Marvel MMO project at Daybreak Games has been cancelled

Audio player loading The Marvel MMO (opens in new tab) in development at Daybreak Game Company has been cancelled. Enad Global 7, Daybreak's parent company, announced today that instead of pouring a truckload of money into making the game h...


You're not ready for this 'CNC machinist pornography'

Audio player loading Water-cooling experts at EK have taken to this year's Computex with a passion, showing off a number of PC builds at the EK Expo (opens in new tab) . The standout build for me is from the Torsion product line, that featu...


Counter-Strike's first-ever Brasilian major happens this Nov

Audio player loading Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and ESL have announced that the game will have its first-ever Brasilian major tournament later this year, which will also be the first to be held in South America as a whole. This one wa...


CD Projekt Red pulls the plug on real-life Witcher school

Audio player loading A real-life Witcher school in Poland has had its license pulled by CD Projekt Reda move that the organisation's co-founders claim is related to a former staff member's employment by the ultra-conservative organisation O...


This Aorus RTX 3080 gaming laptop doesn't cut corners and is

Some gaming laptops make sacrifices to offer higher-end silicon in a cheaper package. Perhaps the RAM is single stick or not particularly high capacity. Or the screen looks a bit 'meh'. Sometimes you'll even get a much larger chassis than y...


SEC fines broker $125,000 for halting GameStop trades for 10

Audio player loading The 2021 GameStop stock surge (opens in new tab) seems to have acquired a new lease of life in recent weeks. First, one of the hedge funds that took a big short position against the stock announced it was to close (open...


Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt ranked mode paused becau

Audio player loading Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt (opens in new tab) is a very solid battle royale: I enjoyed it more than I expected to when I horsed around with it in the early days of its Early Access release, and more recently Morg...


New dinosaur named 'dragon of death' even though it doesn't

Audio player loading As common and beloved as dragons are in the games we play, I am sad to report they aren't actually real. Trust me on this: I spent about an hour looking at the sky this morning and I only saw birds, airplanes, and a cou...


Shadowlands patch 9.2.5 release date announced

Audio player loading Before Blizzard made it a whole world, Warcraft has always been about two sets of fantasy action figures fighting each other. Orcs and humans. Horde and Alliance. Although World of Warcraft has had the opposing factions...


Cyberpunk platformer Replaced is delayed because of Russia's

Audio player loading Revealed at the Xbox-Bethesda showcase in 2021, Replaced (opens in new tab) is a 2.5D cyberpunk action-platformer set in an alt-history 1980s US, a nation plagued by corruption, greed, and a general collapse of society...